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After  38 years selling books in the UNM Neighborhood, as “Birdsong Books“ & as “Bradley’s Books“ (inside Winnings Coffee)…I retired !!

Five months later, the owners of a brand new establishment (“50/50 Coffee & Pub” — on  Central, just West of  Yale Blvd), called & offered me a neighborhood space to sell good books. 

My wife Hue, and I went to check out the location, the coffee, the owners, and  staff,  (and the great food.)

We were very impressed with all of the above,  & said “yes please !!!”

A few things have changed:

  • slightly fewer books, but even more carefully chosen
  • lower pricing on MOST books
  • about 90 % of them are  $1- $2  less than I used to price them
  • more attention to nicer condition!!
  • books are for sale every day whether I’m there or not- any time 50/50 is open

We accept cash, & credit & debit cards

We look forward to seeing lots of old friends & to making a lot of new ones!!

Thanks / Bradley & Hue

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